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Ann Williams

I paint what I see around me – people, countryside, rural life, animals and wildlife - mainly in gouache, sometimes in watercolour or pastel. My studio is in a beautiful location in the North Wales countryside, which means I’m never short of inspiration. Every season brings its own changing light, weather and dimension to the surrounding landscape and to the creatures living here.
I originally trained in Illustration and now paint for exhibition, to commission and of course for my own pleasure. I’ve exhibited individually and collectively at various venues including the North Wales Open and Chester Arts Fair. I’m often commissioned to paint animal portraits and I enjoy the challenge of recreating the subject’s unique personality and expression rather than merely a likeness. Other commissions I’ve worked on include those picturing a favourite scene or country pastime. Gouache seems to be an under used medium, but I love the clear, dense colours and the flexibility it gives me in achieving different effects, whether on foliage, fur or creating atmosphere. Sometimes I take a break from painting and refresh myself by drawing chickens (I love drawing chickens!) mostly simple line drawings to capture their pose and busy characters.
I’m a member of the SAA and FVACN, and take part in Helfa Gelf (North Wales Art Trail) every year giving me valued contact with other artists and feedback on my work from the public. I enjoy talking about my work so I’m frequently asked to give workshops and demonstrations. I’m also passionate about the therapeutic value of art, especially the value of creativity in improving mental health, and have been involved in various community projects promoting this.

Ann Williams.
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